The word “stir” can make you think to mix, or maybe your first thought is to awaken. For the past four years, on a consistent annual basis, E Period has presented a top-notch event that has stirred and awakens the Atlanta Arts community. S.T.I.R. (Sounds Thoughts Ideas and Rhymes), held on a quarterly basis during the year, allows Atlantans to mix up their weekend nightlife routine and awaken their senses to quality urbane entertainment. The backdrop of the Porter Sanford Arts Center provides the perfect ambience for urban professionals to socialize and enjoy live painting, spoken word, professional actors, independent films, town hall discussions, vendors, and a live band. Hosted by E. Christopher “Cocktails” Cornell, S.T.I.R. is another E Period production for those who appreciate culture and are looking to be stimulated.


Monthly themes have included the Holiday Edition, Civil Rights Edition, Black Love, National Women’s History Month, National Poetry Month, Mother’s Day Tribute, and Black Music Month Celebration. S.T.I.R. highlights the best talent Atlanta has to offer, as well as celebrated artists from across the country. The past year has built an all-star cast of S.T.I.R. performers, featuring HBO Def Poets, BET Comedians, and the top vocalists in Atlanta. Come out on every quarter to experience artists like: National Recording Artists Malcolm Jamal Warner Anthony David, Algebra, Noel Gourdin, Tanya Blout, Heston, Dru Hill and Lina, HBO Def Poets Georgia Me (also Tony Award winner) and Jon Goode (CNN’s Black in America), Comedians Pat Brown and Tyler from the BET Sitcom “Sombodies”, guest host BET Comedian Zoo Man, Lavar Walker, the band William Green Trio featuring Alex Lattimore, along with the S.T.I.R. Hall of Fame performers.